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  • NavWeaps is spidered on a bi-weekly basis, effectively every other Wednesday.
  • If you are looking for the latest updates, then type in the current Calendar Month and Year with quotation marks such as "August 2011".  This will show all webpages modified during that month.
  • Datapages on weapons are usually organized per the class of ship that a weapon is used on.  For example, the famous Japanese battleship Musashi was a Yamato class battleship.  Therefore, searching by Musashi may not find all datapages concerning weapons used on that ship, but searching by Yamato should find all datapages.
  • For the Reunion Listings, answers from your search that include the word Reunion in the title are for these lists.
  • If uncertain of the spelling of a particular ship, use an asterisk * as a wildcard.  For example, Lex* will find all webpages containing information about USS Lexington.
  • Reunion pages contain all known hull designations used by USN ships listed on these pages.  For example, the cruiser USS Little Rock was originally designated as CL-92, later as CLG-4 and later still as CG-4.  Entering any one of these designations will find the reunion for this ship.
  • Whenever searching with a hull designation, please include a hyphen as shown.
Background image is US Navy Photograph 051104-N-2984R-004 taken by Photographer's Mate Airman Ricardo J. Reyes

This page last updated 23 August 2011